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MY Grief MY Rules

It’s MY grief … It’s MY rules!  There is something extremely empowering about proclaiming and living by those words.  Over the years I have shared this message with tens of thousands of grievers on the importance of being as proactive as possible on your grief journey.  When we strongly hold the position that nobody understands our loss and the unique relationship of that loss more that we ourselves do, we learn to trust our instincts and make choices that help find the best possible path for...
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My Child was Perfect

No, this is not a misprint. After Ashley died she became perfect … if you don’t believe me just ask her brothers who confronted me a couple of years after her death.  They explained how impossible it had become to live up to their sister’s angelic memories which had become the exclusive focus of my stories about her and how I represented her to the world.  From their perspective, I had lost perspective of who Ashley was.  
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Time and Grief?

If you enjoy dirty looks, a sure way to garner an angry glance or start an argument is to tell a grieving person “time heals all wounds”.  When it comes to the topic of loss, no two words in the English language are used more frequently together in the same sentence than time and grief.
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Grief Is Like Shopping at JC Penney’s

Grief is Like Shopping at JC Penney’s – Whoever created their pricing system at Penney’s must be an evil mathematician. So, how is shopping at Penney’s like grief?
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The High Cost of Expectations

There is truth in the adage “expectations are planned disappointments.”  If there is one thing grief has taught me, it is the only thing you can honestly expect is the unexpected.  Most of us understand this, yet we continue to get blindsided by expectations, both negative and positive.  We continue to pay a high price for having expectations.
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“How to be UN-Helpful to a Grieving Person”

The title of this blog is NOT a misprint. Many articles have been written about how to help those going through grief, for some reason there are still a lot of people who don’t get it. I thought it might be fun to write a 10-point-guide for those wanting to be ---- the least helpful, the least supportive and as ineffective as possible to someone going through a loss. I think I covered most of the finer points here, but feel free to add to the list if you feel I have missed something.
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