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MY Grief MY Rules

It’s MY grief … It’s MY rules!  There is something extremely empowering about proclaiming and living by those words.  Over the years I have shared this message with tens of thousands of grievers on the importance of being as proactive as possible on your grief journey.  When we strongly hold the position that nobody understands our loss and the unique relationship of that loss more that we ourselves do, we learn to trust our instincts and make choices that help find the best possible path for...
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Finding Gifts in Grief

If someone had told me early in my grief journey that one day I would write a blog about gifts in grief, I would have thought they were crazy.  First of all, when Ashley died in 2001, I didn’t know what a blog was, so there’s that.  But, the mere thought that I could get to a place where I could write in any forum about the topic of gifts and grief would have seemed ludicrous.  In those early months of grief, I could see nothing but endless sorrow, pain and hopelessness.
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Grief Triggers

We all have them … That song, that scent, the cereal aisle, that color, that season, that holiday, that flower … that “anything at all” which immediately takes us back to a place of raw grief. The professionals like to call them triggers and tell us these experiences are just a normal part of the grieving process. But, you and I know, because they often come out-of-the-blue and at the most inopportune times, triggers or the anxiety surrounding them are a challenging aspect of managing our ...
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“How to be UN-Helpful to a Grieving Person”

The title of this blog is NOT a misprint. Many articles have been written about how to help those going through grief, for some reason there are still a lot of people who don’t get it. I thought it might be fun to write a 10-point-guide for those wanting to be ---- the least helpful, the least supportive and as ineffective as possible to someone going through a loss. I think I covered most of the finer points here, but feel free to add to the list if you feel I have missed something.
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