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Who am I Now?

I am often asked by grieving people for my advice about “who am I now” after my loss?  If my child died am I a father? If my husband died am I a wife? If my sibling died am I still a sister or brother?  
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I Am A Grieving Parent

I am a grieving parent. My child died nearly 17 years ago. Most people would expect all the unfinished business and emotion surrounding her death would have long since resolved itself and been settled. They would be wrong.
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Compassion vs. Comparison

The other day I was brought into a discussion by a father and daughter about whose loss is “greater” surrounding the death of his 21-year-old son and her brother. They both wanted my opinion, and so I gave it to them.
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Grief Is Like Shopping at JC Penney’s

Grief is Like Shopping at JC Penney’s – Whoever created their pricing system at Penney’s must be an evil mathematician. So, how is shopping at Penney’s like grief?
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